Thursday, April 17, 2014

Using Today's Meet to Collaborate

Students in 4JH reviewed the research of 4TD and provided comments and questions using Today's Meet.  Today's Meet is a backchannel that allows you to connect with your audience in realtime.
Groups can use the live stream to make comments, ask questions.  It allows sharing of thoughts within an isolated room.  Here is a transcript of some of the comments and questions shared today.

I love how the pictures really express what a true tiger is! Love the video-really impressive that someone lives with an actual tiger!!
Elephant- I love the picture of the elephant in the waterfall, I have the same picture.Panda- Who knew that a Panda trotted like a horse when scared
Macaw- I loved the video of the Macaw speaking. Can macaws say actual words  02:44PM Thu, 17 April 2014 GMT by Ella

who knew the artic fox has 6 babies a year?
Prairie dog- The body diagram link helped me understand more things about your wild animal. I love your pictures
Dolphins, I didn't know that that a dolphin can jump 16 feet in the air, it would be really cool if we could do that! good job kate
Macaw- I never knew that macaws live in Brazil. I can not believe that there is not that many macaws left in the world
Great job 4TD! We were all very impressed with your thing links! Excellent Job!

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